Have you taken your mandated Health and Safety Orientation?

If not, do not take this course and take your required Health and Safety Orientation and First Year Basic Six

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    $29.00Health and Safety Orientation & First Year Basic Six (GA)

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The course will outline the seven main components of required safety practices in a child care environment.

Objectives covered include:

  • Physical Plant and Equipment
  • Classroom Furnishings and Toys
  • Posted Notices
  • Transportation
  • Animals
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Fire Safety


Georgia participants please note that the transportation information in this training will not count for the required 2 hour Georgia Transportation rules that was updated in 2014. You can take "On the Move" for the transportation requirement.

This course is included in the 8 hour Health and Safety Orientation. If you have already taken the Health and Safety Orientation from another training company, you can take this course. If you have not already taken the required Health and Safety Orientation, please take that course to stay compliant.

Course curriculum

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